4 Steps

Change is never easy. That’s why we’ve created this simple guide for helping lifetime sitters ease into their new relationship with their standup desk. We know that the transition can be awkward at times, but soon your body and mind will feel refreshed and energized!

What to Expect

Most people experience some level of discomfort during the first week getting acquainted with their new desk. You’re reactivating muscles you haven’t used for a while!

During the first few days, your body (feet in particular), might endure some minor aches and pains. Rest assured --- by the end of the process, your body will feel rejuvenated and full of the energy that you lacked in sitting.

Step 1 Optimize Your Workspace

It’s time to rethink your workspace. Experiment, but start here: when standing, make sure that the top of your computer monitor is about eye level. This prevents neck strain by allowing you to look straight ahead. Your keyboard should be just below your elbows and, if possible, tilted slightly away from you. This prevents arm and shoulder strain.

Step 2 Get Comfortable

(1) The best way to get comfortable and ready to stand is to stretch and perform simple exercises (see the next page for ideas). It takes only minutes but helps for hours. Also, make a habit of stretching and moving throughout the day. Remember: Moving more often is the whole point of the standing desk and the key to its health benefits! (2) Consider your shoes. Wear something breathable and appropriate for movement (no high heels). If you need to wear high heels to work for some reason, consider keeping a pair of comfort shoes that you can slip on while at your desk.

Step 3 Ease Into It

We recommend alternating sitting and standing for the first few weeks of your transition. Stand for an hour and then take an hour off your feet. This allows your muscles to grow accustomed to your new work routine.

Step 4 Keep moving

Most people assume that once they start standing, they have to be rigid. Nothing could be further from the truth. After you start standing, you want to move around. If it’s permissible, put on some music. The more you move around naturally, the more benefit calories you burn, the more energy you’ll feel and the more health you’ll become. The No.1 rule of the standing desk: Always be moving.